About us

Since 2008, we are agricultural land leveling contractors. Pierre has developed ever more efficient solutions to meet the demands of the profession. Today, we market and manufacture these high-performance tools.

Our story

From user to reseller and manufacturer

We are land leveler and this expertise must meet several requirements :

  • To get more work done faster for an intervention within a very restricted time between 2 crops and in a favorable weather window.
  • Accuracy : to offer the ultimate surface drainage solution with less soil movement.

To perform, Pierre was inspired by methods used abroad and adapted them to European plots.

In addition to land leveling activity, our company does industrial earthmoving with the TOOMEY pull type scraper, guided by GPS using customer’s DXF file. Indeed, the Toomey scraper is very efficient: a single machine digs, loads, hauls and levels the dirt.

Optisurface :

We are exclusif reseller for France. You are not a french user ? Please, visit OPTISURFACE.com to get in touch.


A great meeting of passionate businessmen.
With over several tens of thousands of hours of leveling, Roger Toomey gets from driver to builder to develop the best machine there is. Pierre asks Roger to adapt his models to European plots. Between passionate levelers, they understand each other perfectly. The 3500B model was born from this partnership.

Geographical distance and ecological point of view have led us to acquire the rights to build the most useful models on our continent. Today, we are proud to manufacture the TOOMEY scraper locally in France. We remain importer for other models.


Pierre Douineau drives scrapers since he has 14 in the family farm.


The Douineau earthmoving company borns in order to level fields with accuracy and efficiency.


We buy and import the first Toomey scraper/grader in France with GPS technology and Optisurface. Our clients are straight away very satisfied, this customer feedback pushes us this way to get more Toomey machines.


We create the Douineau Solutions company, we become Toomey Earthmovers exclusif European reseller and Optisurface exclusif reseller in France.


We manufacture the first Toomey bucket in France.