Construction earthmoving

Hoocked to the back of a tractor, the Toomey scraper, alone, replaces an earthmoving workshop !

1 earthwork, 1 machine, 1 operator

The all-in-one scraper can rip, cut, haul and dump in order to grade, as well as the Toomey scraper does the final trim and shape the surface to put on grade!

With the dual antennas GPS, the project is monitored in 3D; thanks to the slope function, the blade is at the desired angle, you can level and create slope or build earthen pile and more…with the same machine!

Versatile, you can switch from bulking jobs to finish jobs with the same machine !


Earthworks profitability and efficiency with Toomey scraper

The specific scraper hitch is designed to pull hard in any position without breakage. Hooking and unhooking are made easier.

The integrated parallelogram rippers increases the autonomy of the machine on the earthworks site.

The cushion hitch provides comfort to the operator and preserves the mechanics of the tractor.

The low gravity center gives stability and allows working at high speed.

The cross slope capability allows the scraper controlled by the GPS to carry out a variety of implementations on the site.

The 4 offset tandem wheels compact the materials evenly.

Play Video about Scraper Toomey - Application TP - Douineau Solutions

DOUINEAU, European official and exclusive Toomey scrapers supplier

Exclusive European importer, French manufacturer for some TOOMEY scrapers models, Pierre DOUINEAU, keen leveler, supports you in acquiring the model you need and in getting started with your machine in order to optimize the exceptional possibilities of your TOOMEY scraper.