All-in-one australian scraper/grader

A whole range of machines, CE approved, from 4 to 20m3
designed for land leveling at high speed (14km/h).

These all-in-one machine are :




scraper toomey earthmovers australien
scraper toomey earthmovers

The top 3 of Toomey scrapers benefits :

Technical features with many advantages

Efficient on stuck and wet soil

  • Seamless tipping bowl & swing door ejector
  • Large door opening
  • Significant clearance under chassis

Speed leveling

  • Tandem wheels, offset rocker axles to get more work done faster
  • The geometry of the elevation cylinders provides rapid machine response.
  • The typical TOOMEY skip turns materials better for finishing.

A machine you can rely on and makes you more productive

  • High density steel, lighter machine, more payload
  • Radial tires for more flotation
  • Draw Bar Mounted Cushion Hitch : it takes away the impact shock (increasing tractor and scraper life and durability ; and operator has a much smoother ride)
  • Double tilt control
  • Parallelogram Rippers
  • A 360 degree rotation Swivel Hitch turns without breakage, quick-disconnect coupling
  • Reduced maintenance, Teflon rings
  • Blades adjustable to reduce parts consumption


Capacity Struck / Heaped
0 m3
Trim (overall) Width
0 cm
Working width
0 cm
Tire size
0 XR25

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