Agriculture land leveling

The Toomey scraper coupled with Optisurface software is the perfect combination for successful agricultural land leveling.

The Toomey scraper is specially designed for agricultural leveling. Through its versatility, the Toomey scraper is very effective both for the development of agricultural sites (greenhouse platform, parking, farm buildings, horse trails, farm access and paths, etc.) and for the leveling of agricultural field.

The leveling’s goal is water management. Leveling is smoothing the natural slopes of a plot as lightly as possible so that rainfall flows gently outwards, while preserving the structure of the soil.

Landforming results :

  • Stagnant water areas become productive areas
  • Crops benefit from homogeneous surface water flow
  • Wet spots are eliminated so the risk of disease is reduced
  • Seeding in spring is made easier and earlier
  • Autumn harvests are easier, the plot is less damaged


Nous sommes spécialistes du nivelage agricole depuis 2008 et travaillons avec des scrapers Toomey depuis 2016. Se procurer un scraper Toomey, c’est aussi bénéficier de notre EXPERTISE, nous vous accompagnons pour que vous puissiez bénéficier de tous les avantages du scraper TOOMEY.

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